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{September 25, 2010}   Fall Parasol – Babycakes

During the Festifall, I couldn’t help to treat myself with this awesome scripted fall parasol from Babycakes. It rains autumn leaves twirling around me and I can spin it on command with the menu.

To go with the parasol, I wear the Comfy&Cozy coat from A&k Designs with the light ripped jeans from Trixxy’s Shop to add a touch of my own personality.

Au cours du Festifall, je n’ai pu m’empêcher de me gâter de ce magnifique parasol d’automne scripté de chez Babycakes. Il fait pleuvoir des feuilles mortes virevoltant autour de soi et tournoie sur commande.

Pour accompagner le parasol, je porte le manteau de la tenue Comfy&Cozy de chez A&k Designs. J’ai choisi de porter le Ripped Jeans de chez Trixxy’s Shop pour compléter l’ensemble avec une touche de ma personalité.

Photographer – Photographe
Sue Moonwall

Model – Mannequin
Sue Moonwall

Hairstyle – Cheveux
Marlyn updo from Pocket Mirror by Alair Cortes

Coat – Manteau
Comfy & Cozy from A&k Designs by Adrianna Marquez

Pants – Pantalon
Light Ripped Jeans from Trixxy’s Shop by Trixxy Oh

Shoes – Chaussures
Black Ankle Boots from S.T.M. Styles by CaptianMidget Parnass

Fall Parasol from Babycakes by Thomus Keen


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